The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Week Like a Boss

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As a blogger and wannabe-entrepreneur, I always have 100 different tasks I want to get done. These often become weekly activities that I need to achieve to grow my blog/business. When I first started blogging, I used my iPhone’s Calendar app to manage my weekly schedule. You might be using a digital calendar too. You might even be keeping it old-school and using paper diaries or calendars. (I ain’t judging – I love x100 paper stationery.) But how much time are you wasting on maintaining these calendars and diaries? How flexible are these tools?

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Why It’s Better to Focus on Your Strengths than Weaknesses

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We all have talents and skills that we naturally excel in. There are certain strengths that we execute with such ease and minimal effort, and you can’t understand why others struggle with something so simple. On the other hand, we all have our downfalls as well and may not be so fantastic in other areas.

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Learning Improv Acting (Part 2): How I Made the Most of Improv Acting

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More than three months ago, I started to learn improv acting and gained valuable lessons immediately. When the programme ended, my improv buddies and I were in an awkward phase of not knowing what to do with ourselves with everything that we had just learned. Some of my classmates were content with the fact that they had attempted improv acting, and decided not to pursue it further. The rest of us were eager to grow our improv skills to the next level, but a ‘Level 2’ programme was not yet confirmed to happen.

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A Non-technical Guide to Moving Your Blog from to

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When I first decided to create a blog, I was aware of But I was too afraid to go near it – I heard that there would be steep learning curves and that it would require some serious technical knowledge to set it all up. As much as I love technology (and I even work in the technology sector), my brain wasn’t ready to cope with anything new and difficult back then. All I wanted to focus on was creating great content for my new blog. If I knew that it wouldn’t actually be that difficult or technical to set up, I would have opted for to begin with.

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How to Stay Energized at Work

Sometimes it’s hard to stay awake at work. You’ve been staring at your computer screen, reading the same sentence over and over again, but no information is getting processed by your brain. Is it time to go home yet? You check your watch, and it’s only 1:30 pm. Sound familiar?

It’s happened to the best of us. You’ve hit the wall, and your energy level is down way low. Here are some quick tips on how you can stay energized at work.

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Learning Improv Acting (Part 1): Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Improv Acting

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There are many benefits to improvisation acting. Fast Company published a great blog post on how improv can improve your career, and there are many other articles and blog posts out there that touch on this topic. If you’ve decided to take the brave plunge into the world of improvisation acting – well done! I’ve certainly enjoyed my journey in improv acting so far. To help you get started, I’ve laid out some handy tips you should keep in mind before rushing off to your first improv class. I wish someone had told me these before I started my first class!

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