Staying Focused on Your Small Charity Project with Lean Canvas

I’m a huge fan of the Lean Canvas.

Lean Canvas is a simple tool that can help you to quickly structure your thoughts for a product or business concept.

I use it all the time as a Product Manager to flesh out potential product ideas. It also comes in handy when a new business idea pops into my head. But Lean Canvas isn’t just for investigating products that make money.

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Why I Stopped Blogging for 8 Months

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Hey hey, welcome to my newly designed blog! And when I say “newly designed”, I mean I went through the ‘agonising’ process of selecting a completely new theme. Yay for me!

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile – it’s been about 8 months to be exact. I wanted to explain to you what I’ve been up to, and why I haven’t been blogging.

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Week Like a Boss

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As a blogger and wannabe-entrepreneur, I always have 100 different tasks I want to get done. These often become weekly activities that I need to achieve to grow my blog/business. When I first started blogging, I used my iPhone’s Calendar app to manage my weekly schedule. You might be using a digital calendar too. You might even be keeping it old-school and using paper diaries or calendars. (I ain’t judging – I love x100 paper stationery.) But how much time are you wasting on maintaining these calendars and diaries? How flexible are these tools?

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Why It’s Better to Focus on Your Strengths than Weaknesses

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We all have talents and skills that we naturally excel in. There are certain strengths that we execute with such ease and minimal effort, and you can’t understand why others struggle with something so simple. On the other hand, we all have our downfalls as well and may not be so fantastic in other areas.

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