Hi! My name is Tina Park, and I’m writing from New Zealand.profile-photo-of-tina-park

This online space of mine exists purely for two reasons:

  1. To share my learnings + knowledge on productivity, communication, and leadership, and
  2. To help other professionals and entrepreneurs to boost their career and business.

Why does this blog exist?

I initially created this blog so that I could practice how to blog. I’ve always wanted to start my own online community through a blog. But I was wasting so much time reading about how to create a blog that I never got round to even writing my first sentence.

After too many hours of researching, I got to a point where I thought, ‘F*** it, I really need to just start writing and see what happens.’ I finally kicked myself up the bum and wrote my first blog post on how you can kick yourself up the bum and write your first blog post!

The only rule for my blog posts is that it must teach or inspire other professionals and entrepreneurs in some way. My goal is to advise on useful skills and tips I’ve picked up, and I hope that at least one of my blog posts will help you in some significant way.

I write as often as possible, so make sure to subscribe to my blog for updates delivered to your inbox.

Who is Tina Park?

What gives me the credibility to write about these topics, you ask? Because I LOVE absorbing information about productivity, communications, and leadership. I’m passionate and excited about helping other professionals and entrepreneurs to grow their own skills and strengths.

My current day job is Product Manager in the technology sector. I also recently launched a retail business, Weekend. And volunteer as the Communications Specialist for Women of Worth with whatever time I have left.

Thanks to my brain that gets bored quickly, I’ve also been involved in:

  • leading a Korean professional network group
  • hosting a fundraising event
  • organizing workshops for unemployed women, speaking about career pathways to students
  • teaching hip-hop dance (whaaat?)
  • improv acting
  • and many more random s***!

So I feel like I know a thing or two about making the most of every opportunity to grow my productivity, communication, and leadership skills.

Got a topic you want to read about?

I’m always on the look-out for new post ideas! If you would like my insight on a particular topic related to productivity, communications, and leadership, then feel free to send your ideas by email, or drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook!


Tina Park

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